Machine Belt Powergrips HTD
Machine Belt Powergrips HTD
Machine Belt Powergrips HTD
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13 Sep 2019
United States
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PowerGrip HTD belts are suitable for many applications including data storage, hand power tools, postage handling, food processors, office machines, centrifuges, money handling, medical diagnostic, sewing machines, ticket dispensers, robotics, vending machines and vacuum cleaners.

Fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength, excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation.
Neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil, and moisture.
Nylon tooth facing provides a durable wear surface for long service life.
Thirty percent increase in horsepower ratings, as compared to traditional timing belts.
Eliminates lubrication and re-tensioning to reduce maintenance and labor required on drives.

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