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Verkol Grease Lubricant
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Specification of Verkol Grease Lubricant

Verkol Grease Lubricant

Technical Data Sheet:
Service grease for large open gear drives
VERKOL  ALC-00HV belongs  to  the  high  performance  open  gear lubricants program and is specifically designed for those large mills and kilns open gear drives in the cement, mining and ceramic industries, for service working conditions. It is a homogeneous  semi-fluid  grease, whose  consistency  makes  it perfectly
sprayable by air-grease spraying systems, although it is also suitable to be applied
by  sump  lubricationin  old  equipments.  It has a high unctuosity and  tackyness  to
stay sticked on straight or helical tooth flanks. Its tenacious lubricant film combined with the  right  additive  selection  makes  possible  to  hold  against  extreme  vibrating loads, guaranteeing very low consumptions and promoting the increase of the teeth contact area. As a result, thewear is minimized and vib.

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